RNC rules committee postpones decision on tougher sanctions for states holding early primaries

08/04/11 Janelle Irwin
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In Tampa today, the Republican National Committee delayed its decision on how to implement tougher sanctions if states hold their primaries early. The penalties could affect Florida if the state goes ahead with an early primary.

If Florida moves forward with plans to hold its primary election before the first Tuesday in March, the state will lose half its delegates at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa. Committee members proposed language that would give instruction on how to implement further discretionary sanctions. Committee member John Ryder.

The resolution will be discussed further at the RNC winter meeting.

Sandra Hart, a committee member from Georgia, said states jumping the gun on their primary gives an unfair advantage, particularly to her state.

Members also heard from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who shared a common goal of defeating President Obama.

Jindal said a Republican victory in 2012 is a necessity for the country’s survival.

Yesterday, Jindal spoke at the annual summit of the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is an organization that proposes model legislation friendly to corporations to conservative state legislators. Jindal echoed ALEC’s business friendly stance when he spoke about what he deems appropriate methods of job creation.

Jindal made numerous comments about the failures of the current administration. Despite his obvious disapproval of President Obama’s job performance though, Jindal said it is important for conservatives to remain positive.

The rules committee also delayed a decision to require the RNC to carry two vice-chair positions and require one of them to be filled by a female. Along with that, some members suggested that language be added to allow the vice-chair with the most seniority to serve as acting chair in the event of an unexpected vacancy.

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