Ron Paul rallies in Tampa before Republican convention

08/27/12 Samuel Johnson
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Yesterday Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul rallied supporters before his party’s convention, where he hasn’t been invited to speak. Nearly 8000 attendees at the University of South Florida witnessed an afternoon of political invigoration which culminated in Ron Paul’s hour long speech calling for an ideological revolution.

Ron Paul, his supporters and delegates may not be taken seriously by the old guard of the Republican Party but they are making a beachhead on the established ideology of the party. Paul said the ideas of his movement will be heard during the events at the RNC.

People were worried at the convention just how much trouble we would cause. And you have generally know what my advice is just stopping something just for the sake of stopping doesn’t achieve a whole lot. So I’ve been a little bit cautious. But what they have found out is that they have overstepped the bounds there’s a big fight going on and we’re involved in it. But everyone else; a bunch of them are joining us and saying you have gone too far the Ron Paul people were right about overstepping their bounds.

Paul’s libertarianism advocates changes in three interlinked problem areas; attacks on personal liberty, the economic woes typified by the Federal Reserve and finally, foreign affairs in the form of expensive and futile wars. Paul called for a greater tolerance of freedom and personal choices. He reiterated liberty has its own checks and balances.

but the hardest thing for some people to accept both liberals and conservatives on this issue of tolerance on your freedom. Yes, we want you to have your freedom. We want you to make your own choices and we’re not going to tell you that you can’t make bad choices. People say, well doesn’t that mean you endorse it? What if people drink too much or smoke too much in making their own choices? Well there’s one rule. They have to assume the consequences of their actions totally and completely.

Despite the fact that Paul will be leaving congress at the end of the year, his rhetoric for personal liberty and change have been taken up by others within the movement. The academics, politicians and activists speaking before Paul received thunderous applause from the supporters and delegates when they called for the abolishing of the Federal Reserve. South Carolina state Senator Tom Davis said the Federal Reserve is on par with despotism with Ben Bernanke at the helm.

the most powerful man in the world is not the president of the United States it’s the chairman of the Federal Reserve and he’s hollowing us out. He’s destroying our liberty. He’s destroying our economic freedom and he has to be stopped.

Not all personal liberties are as easily excitable as the repeal of drug and nutritional laws. Paul has been clear in the past about his stance on female reproductive rights. He is not a proponent of pro choice. Paul deferred speaking directly about abortion to Economics Professor and longtime libertarian, Walter Block of Loyola University of New Orleans. Block attempted to reconcile personal liberty with the right to life of a fertilized egg.

the unwanted fetus is a trespasser and it’s easy to see this in the case of rape. A woman is walking down the street; she gets grabbed; she gets impregnated. And now she got something growing in her and you don’t call that a trespass? That’s absolutely a trespass. If she owns her womb and she’s got something growing in it there that she never agreed to. Second premise in this argument; the rights of all fetuses are equal. So if I can prove that one fetus is a trespasser then I can prove that they all are because they all have the same rights. Because the fetus that is the result of a rape is just as innocent of any crime as any other fetus; they’re all innocent.

Paul views his convention snub as proof positive that the Republican Party is in need of something different. Increasing governmental subjugation of American personal freedoms was the overarching theme of his speech. He said the current governmental institutions have overstepped their bounds. He cautioned the crowd of increasing totalitarianism by invoking lessons from the past.

so the really big question we have to decide upon is which way are we going to go? We see the end of an era; where is it going to go? And I think the choice is one of two. I don’t think there’s going to be another Marxist come along and restore enthusiasm for Marxism. I don’t think that we’re going to have tomorrow the same thing as a Hitler or a Mussolini but I do think we have to worry about fascism. An expansion of what we already have which is corporatism. The buddy system between big corporations, big banks with the government.

Paul’s son, US senator Rand Paul will speak at the convention.

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