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02/26/14 Warren Elly and Chris Ingram
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Tags: Chris Ingram, David Jolly, Alex Sink, Bill Young, Karl Rove, District 13 special election

Today on Last Call Warren Elly talks with Bay News 9's Republican Political Analyst and Consultant Chris Ingram about the legislature. Unabashed and unapologetic, the Republicans are now bitterly divided. No doubt the GOP leadership will be re-elected, thanks in part to the fumbling Democrats, who are like the hockey team gifted with power play after power play, but still unable to score any goals.

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What a patronizing guest. I wish Warren Elly would call Chris Ingram out and ask him to followup on simplistic answers. Not one word that I heard that the ULTIMATE issue with today's politics is - money. We desperately need campaign finance reform. It is just taken for granted that this is the way it is. He twice insisted that people are bored by the issues. Certainly not those listening to this show. Ingram spent more time commenting on a caller's analogy than the substance of his comments. Elly was way too chummy with this guest. Other hosts would not have let Ingram's comments go on unchallenged. I am really disappointed in this show.

On the money, Steve. Couldn't agree more.