Sandra Steingraber talks about fracking and her recent arrest

05/02/13 Sandra Steingraber with Mary Glenney
From A Woman's Point of View | Listen to this entire show:

Dr. Sandra Steingraber talks about her concerns over the environmental dangers from the fracking process. Dr. Steingraber, a well known environmentalist and writer, was the recipient of the Right Livelihood award in 2011. She won the award, commonly called the alternative Nobel Prize, for her lifetime of work in exposing the dangers of toxins in our environment to health and connections to cancer, learning disabilities and many neurological problems. She has particularly focused on the effects to children in her books RAISING ELIJAH: PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN IN AN AGE OF ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS and HAVING FAITH: AN ECOLOGIST'S JOURNEY TO MOTHERHOOD. Her first book LIVING DOWNSTREAM is commonly compared to SILENT SPRING by Rachael Carson and both are used in many college classrooms.

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