Sarasota Mom Believes Son's Killer Wasn't Charged Because of Stand Your Ground Law

07/22/13 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, welcome to The Last Call. I’m Rob Lorei.

We’ve heard a lot about Florida’s stand your ground law during the past several weeks- especially as it concerns the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. Today we’re going to hear why a Sarasota mother believes the killer of her son was never charged- she says because of the stand your ground law..

Anthony Makowski was in [Land O Lakes] at a MacDonald’s drive-through in April 2005 with a friend when they got into an argument with two men in the car ahead of them.

Police determined Makowski was the aggressor in the fight with Martin Robles-Taylor, a 25-year-old who had been through Army training.

According to investigators Makowski charged at Robles-Taylor, body-slammed and battered him until Robles-Taylor managed to put Makowski into a choke hold that killed him. The death was ruled "excusable homicide" and Robles-Taylor never faced charges.

We're joined now by Anthony's mother- Cathy Makowski.

Here's Cathy's web page or call 813-996-2226.

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My deepest sympathies to Cathy and support for Justice for Anthony Makowski and all the Trayvon Martins of the world. The march for Trayvon starting at the Uhuru house, which Cathy mentioned is actually August 3rd and begins at 11 am @ 1245 18th Ave south, St. Petersburg. Or check out Great interview! Justice first, then peace! - Jamie

I neglected to mention during the show that a forensic frame by frame surveillance video is available that proves Anthony Makowski was not the aggressor, body slamming and bull tackling as in the false news article that is posted here and that was read to the audience. The video was misinterpreted by Pasco County Sheriff's office and released to the media blaming Anthony. They did not slow down the surveillance video and made wrong assumptions covering this case up due to their own culpability. Martin RoblesTaylor is the aggressor who is picking up Anthony and body slamming him. The fraudulent Autopsy report has never been addressed or the heavy metal flashlight which was used as weapon and documented in Hospital records. This case needs an unbaised impartial investigation by the Dept. of Justice.