SDS protests against new tuition hikes at USF Tampa

10/04/11 Alessandra Da Pra
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About 50 University of South Florida students voiced their discontent and unrest over tuition hikes during a march at the USF Tampa campus today.It was organized by Students for a Democratic Society, a national movement with over 100 chapters in the United States.

Tuition fee increases are nothing new, but students coming back to school this Fall semester were greeted by a bitter surprise: that is a 15 percent tuition hike. And that’s when the university’s youth decided to fight back and launched a local chapter of Students for a Democratic Society.

That was double major in humanities and American studies Savanah Goodland. She said she is outraged about the tuition hikes, which prompted her to join the SDS at USF. Although it’s just two-months old, the movement has already made its presence felt on campus.

While waiting for next week’s ballot, SDS members encouraged students to defend public education by joining the movement during the protest. English major and SDS organizer Dustin Ponder said that action needs to be taken before the state legislature makes further budget cuts in its quest to privatize public education. The idea of education as a social right and not as an economic privilege is at the core of the movement’s ideology.

Maria Jose Hays is a mother of two and said that she has been straggling her way through her education and is concerned about how she will be able to provide for her kids without a college degree. Hays is double-majoring in political science and international studies She spoke out during the protest and encouraged folks to get off their iPhones and pay attention to what really affects their lives.

The group marched to the administration building to deliver the over 1,300 petition signatures opposing the 15 percent hike and ask for a meeting with President Judy Genshaft. But they were met by locked doors.

But this did not discourage SDS organizer Ponder.

SDS meets every Thursday evening at 7 in the Social Science building of the USF Tampa campus. The student government referendum ballot will be held online on October 11 and 12.

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oh boy.

what will these dummies protest next? bed time?


Dummies? Really? You're think you're funny. We were protesting a hike in tuition. You know, the increasing payment we have to pay for college classes to get a good education to set us up for future jobs and opportunities. Oh, right, you wouldn't know that.

Yes... really!!!

Ummm... excuse me... but what future jobs and opportunities would that be??? Would they be in govment, healthcare, or in a union??? Oh wait minute... a college education would put you in a management position... and the unions will shove the little protest sign you're carrin right up your educated ass!!! But... I don't expect you've learned that...

Oh the humanity!

If you think college will set you up with a job, you are a dummy. College is a scam and you fell for it. You're probably one of those dummies who financed their education with government loans. Next year you'll probably be protesting the fact that you have to repay the loan! Oh, the inhumanity of it all!