Series on Community Banks' Collapse and Duke Power's Decision to Not Build New Nuclear Plants in Levy County

08/02/13 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up today we’ll talk about Duke Energy’s decision to cancel that proposed 25 billion dollar nuclear power plant complex in Levy County. Customers have already been forced to pay 1.5 Billion dollars for the plant. Because of the actions of the state legislature it’s not likely they’ll get any of their money back. Our guest will be State Representative Dwight Dudley.

We’ll also talk about a major investigative story into the collapse of many Florida community banks. The story involves insider deals, organized crime and lax regulation.

But first eight very impassioned listener comments about yesterday’s interview with the head of the group Save Our Society from Drugs about her group’s opposition to legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.


First up today- The Sarasota Herald Tribune has been doing a groundbreaking series of reports on the collapse of dozens of private banks here in Florida since 2008. The bank executives say the failures were not their fault. They blame the recession, meddling government regulators, or people who borrowed more than they could afford. Two reporters for the Sarasota Herald Tribune obtained previously confidential state records- never before collected by any US newspaper and found that the reasons for the collapse are much more serious.

Michael Braga and Anthony Cormier were the authors. Anthony Cormier joins us on the phone. Read the series here

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