Shanna Devine Policy Director and lead investigator for the Government Accountability Project talks about the recent update on the effects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf

08/01/13 Shanna Devine talks with Mary Glenney
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Shanna Devine is the policy director and the lead investigator for the Government Accountability Project on the effects of the use of the Dispersant Corexit in the cleanup of the Horizon Gulf blowout. The Government Accountability Project (GAP) is a non-profit organization that promotes accountability and responsibility in government and corporations by protecting whistleblowers, promoting occupational free speech and distributing reports of the findings to the media and general public. The GAP report which was released after a 2yr study with LEAN of Louisiana (Louisiana environmental action network) discussed the effects of the dispersant on the life of the gulf. For the complete report go to and search for gulf truth. Among many findings, they found that the combination of the petroleum with the dispersant was 52 times more toxic than with the oil alone. People and marine life are continuing to have adverse health effects and Shanna and the GAP feel the problems are ongoing and being poorly reported in the media. They are particularly concerned that the dispersant is now approved in the protocols for oil spills. The EPA is going to review the safety of Corexit in August and GAP strongly encourages people to become informed and give their opinion about the use of the dispersant. For more information go to

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