Should People Who Play Their Car Stereos Loudly Face a Jail Sentence?

06/03/13 Robert Lorei
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Rob Lorei speaks with Councilwoman, Lisa Montelione about the proposed law which will lead to jail time for those who repeatedly violate the new noise ordinance. Listen to the story above and please share your comments below.

Read Transcript Below:

Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. Coming up we'll talk with Tampa City Councilwoman Lisa Montelione who is opposed to jail time for people who violate Tampa's proposed new noise ordinance. The proposed law comes up for discussion this Thursday morning at the council. It would make repeat offenders of the proposed ordinance subject to a stiff fine and as much as two months in jail.

Later we'll hear a segment from Florida This Week in which Alex Sink, Adam Goodman, Brendan McGlaughlin and Dr. Susan MacManus discuss Citizens Insurance subsidy to start-up insurance companies. And we'll discuss the latest GOP attacks on possible gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist.

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