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12/09/13 Jon Butts
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Our guest on today’s WMNF 88.5 Sustainable Living program was Carol Peppe Hewitt, an author, business owner, social entrepreneur and a pioneer in the Slow Money movement. Since founding Slow Money NC in 2010, Carol has catalyzed over 85 low-interest loans to nearly 50 small farmers and local food businesses in North Carolina - with a goal of building resilient local foodsheds from the coast to the mountains. Altogether, these loans now total over a million dollars. Carol's new book, Financing Our Foodshed: Growing Local Food with Slow Money tells the compelling, real-life stories of 22 Slow Money entrepreneurs. Through her words, we meet the folks who grow, process, distribute, and sell local food in her part of the country, as well as the many generous individuals who have stepped up to become their supporters. Sarasota Transitions will be bringing Carol to the Ringling College Academic Center in Sarasota on Tuesday, December 17, starting at 6:30, to talk about this simple yet profound activity we can all take part in. Our next guest represented Slow Food of Tampa. Dr Michael Royce Lynch is with the Art Institute of Tampa, and talked about our local system and its involvement with Slow Food. He talked about local farms, and local restaurants serving local food and local fish. This is all important to our health, environment and local economy. They’re creating a new website so check out Slow Food Tampa for events starting in February 2014.

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