St. Petersburg activist makes his case against red light cameras

03/24/14 Robert Lorei
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Today on the Last Call Rob Lorei talks about red light cameras with a local opponent of the cameras. Matt Florell is a St. Petersburg activist who has been pushing for an end to red light cameras.

The cameras have been installed in many dangerous intersections around the Bay area—but some communities are phasing them out. The cameras take a photo of a vehicle and it’s license plate when the vehicle blows through an intersection during a redlight. It also captures photos of cars that fail to stop before making a right hand turn during a red light.

Vehicle owners who are mailed tickets pay a hefty fine- the money of which is split between the local community where the cameras are located, the for profit company that installs and operates the cameras and the state government.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, red light runners cause hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries each year. In 2009, 676 people were killed and an estimated 130,000 were injured in crashes that involved red light running. About half of the deaths in red light running crashes are pedestrians, bicyclists, and occupants in other vehicles who are hit by the red light runners.

Recently the St. Petersburg City Council voted to end the contract with red light camera company later this year. The Tampa City Council took a preliminary vote last week to remove the cameras. But Mayor Bob Buckhorn still supports the cameras.

Sarasota has twenty active redlight cameras- and so far there are no plans to remove them.

In Tallahassee this week the Senate Transportation Committee will hold a hearing on a bill to ban red light cameras.

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Note Both St. Pete and Tampa were busted being dishonest on the safety "claims". “Kubicki took the blame for not disclosing that crashes jumped 10 percent at intersections with red light cameras in the past year.” This town has DUMPED THE RLC THIS MONTH. Palm Bay has also sacked the RLC too. B. Tampa, FL "When 10 Investigates started looking into yellow light lengths and crash rates in May 2013, TPD said crash reports could not be pulled using a specific radius from an intersection. But public records requests turned up e-mails from several months earlier that indicated not only had Tampa tracked crashes within a 25-foot radius, but it had also tracked crashes within a 50-foot radius and 100-foot radius of the intersections. TPD compared data from the 12 months prior to installing cameras (Nov. 1, 2010 to Oct. 31, 2011) to the data in the RLC program's first month. While crashes were down 29 percent within 25 feet of monitored intersections, they were only down 12 percent and 7 percent within 50 feet and 100 feet, respectively. camerafraud on Facebook