St. Petersburg Times Editor To Speak About Barefoot College

02/11/11 Janelle Irwin
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People in rural areas of the world often need to find simple solutions to very real problems such as famine and healthcare. Barefoot College was founded in 1972 to solve problems plaguing villages in India. Now its focus is bringing solar energy to rural villages.

India native and founder of Barefoot College Sanjit “Bunker” Roy began his efforts in his home country. He has now expanded the organization to at least 22 countries worldwide. Bill Duryea, National Editor for the St. Petersburg Times, is looking forward to speaking tomorrow about the history and accomplishments of Barefoot College, particularly how Roy has managed to bring power to so many isolated communities.

Duryea says this is a crucial step for villages that have never had electricity.

Duryea became involved with Barefoot College after traveling to Mumbai and observing the efforts first hand. He will speak tomorrow at the Pinellas Park Library at 2 in the afternoon where he hopes to share his passion. The talk is open to the public. You can find out more at

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Are you talking about New College?

I thought you were talking about New College of Florida when I read this headline! I went to the 50th Anniversary of New College and great time. We always had a lot of students who went to class barefoot all the time when I was a student in the 90s, and the current generation has kept up the tradition.