STEM students & Electrathon

05/16/11 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:

Our first guest was the coordinator for Hillsborough County’s Stormwater Environmental Program, John McGee. John talked about the Adopt-A-Pond and Lake and Streams programs and how we can get involved with the health of these backyard ecosystems. You can find out more at

Next up we had the Math & Science Supervisor for the Pinellas County School System, Rose Mack, join the program to talk about the Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) program and some of the STEM related summer programs that students in Pinellas County can become involved in. There are similar programs in Hillsborough County and we had Fredi Cary, with the Hillsborough County school system talk about these. Fredi brought a group of students that take part in the Electrathon Tampa Bay Racing program. Also, an electrical engineer with the Hillsborough County School System that heads up the Electrathon program, Ken Fiallos joined the show. Zack and Daniel, students at Plant City High, talked about Electrathon and how it applies to a shift in transportation to EVs and how the skills of racing for distance apply to saving energy. Duncan, a ten year old student at Lomax Elementary School, is part of the junior program that races smaller, solar-powered model cars. Duncan explained how his car works and the possibility for the future of Solar Power Vehicles. There’s a big Electrathon Race at the Florida State Fair Grounds this Saturday, May 21, starting at 10 a.m. To find out more visit

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