Sue Monk Kidd discusses her best selling book Secret Life of Bees and Is Keystone XL a Pipeline to Disaster?

02/06/14 Mary Glenney
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This week on From A Woman's POV the following topics were covered:

Sue Monk Kidd, Best selling author of Secret Life of Bees, tackles racism in her new book.

What is the cost of freedom? SUE MONK KIDD addresses this in her new book, The Invention of Wings. The intersection of racism and sexism goes to the heart of freedom. But it goes deeper. See the awakening of publicly connecting women to attain their freedom. The Grimke sisters were the forerunners of the American Women’s Liberation Movement. They were years ahead in recognizing that they were property of their husbands and fathers and not free. Sue Monk Kidd captures this basic root of women’s freedom.

Sue Monk Kidd will be in Tampa Wednesday, February 19 at The Tampa Club, 101 E. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 4200, Tampa. This is a ticketed event. For more information contact Inkwood Books, 813-253-2638 or

Is Keystone XL a Pipeline to Disaster?

Dr. James Hansen, famed climate scientist, was one of the first to expose the dangers of our fossil fuel burning and climate change. He drew a line in the sand when he said, “If there is extraction of fossil fuels from the tar sands, GAME OVER FOR CLIMATE.” Probably no issue has galvanized so many diverse groups and individuals in this country as the Keystone XL pipeline.

Did you read the Environmental Impact Statement headline in the Saturday papers? “It won’t make any difference.” Did you know that the report was given to Canada and oil companies before it was given to Congress? ZOE CARPENTER will take us through it. Zoë Carpenter is a reporter in The Nation's Washington, DC bureau. She has written for Rolling Stone, Guernica and the Poughkeepsie Journal. An Oregon native, Zoë studied writing and environmental politics at Vassar College.

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