Summer School Programs & Climate Change

05/12/14 Jon Butts
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Tags: Ph.D. Michael Dorsey, Desi Saludes, Deshjuana Bagley, Nicodemus Brothers

Our first guest on today’s show, Ph.D. Michael Dorsey, is the Interim Director and Visiting Fellow for The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. The Center works to inform and illuminate the nation's major public policy debates through research, analysis, and information dissemination, with the goal of improving the socioeconomic status of African Americans and other people of color, expanding their effective participation in the political and public policy arenas, and promoting communications.

Professor Dorsey talked about the latest Intergovernmental Climate Change Report and the effect of this condition on the poor and all of us.

Next up, we talked with Desi Saludes a Hillsborough Community College (HCC) Physics teacher, Ken Fiallos an Electrical Engineer with the Hillsborough County School System, Nicodemus Brothers an HCC student, and Deshjuana Bagley, also with HCC.

The rest of the hour we talked about summer school programs and answered some listeners’ questions about Electric Vehicles. Some of the summer programs we talked about were Florida Advanced Technological Education that HCC is offering this summer in the way of STEM Summer Camps; what is happening at Middleton and McLane, two of HCSB Flag Ship Robotics Schools; what is happening with the Solar Energy Installer Program at Erwin, which will crank up June 9th; and the new Robotics Competition being put together by the Florida Robotics Alliance Inc at HCC called BizBots (it’s about Business & Robotics) . This new competition is low cost, easy entry and is targeted at Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) Girls and Low Income HCPS Students; roughly described as a high tech version of playing Monopoly with Robots. Program Features: ties real world business practices to the actual robotics competition game (Business), emphasizes the use of CNC manufacturing and in the robot building process through the use of Computer Aided Design, and uses Online Project Management.

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