Tampa Bay rape crisis center responds to Governor Scott's funding veto

06/01/12 Lisa Marzilli
Last Call Friday | Listen to this entire show:

On today’s Last Call we were joined in the studio by two people whose organization was directly affected by a budget veto wielded by Governor Rick Scott.

Shortly before signing off on the $70 billion budget for the coming year the Governor vetoed $143 million in spending. Encompassed within that $143 million was $1.5 million approved by state legislators to fund 30 rape crisis centers. According to Jennifer Dritt executive director of the Council Against Sexual Violence, the funding would have helped the centers “double both the number of services they offer and the number of victims they serve.”

To add insult to injury Scott’s veto of rape crisis center funding came during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

We were joined in the studio by Marilyn Bray, Outreach & Empowerment Coordinator at the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and Kim Payne, Marketing & Public Relations Manager for the Crisis Center.

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