Tampa City Council hears breakdown of where $2 million is spent on homelessness

09/19/13 Seán Kinane
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After Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s administration presented the proposed Tampa budget for fiscal year 2014, city council still had some questions.

Several of those questions were addressed in a meeting Thursday morning. Sonya Little, the city’s chief financial officer, broke down how slightly more than $2 million is budgeted for deal with homelessness.

"In the public hearing we did point out that the city doesn't directly provide services for the homeless at this time however we do support non-profits who do provide this service. These non-profits provide services to the homeless as well as prevention of The city currently provides $265,000 for CEDG funding, just under $200,000 for ESG or emergency solutions grants and as was mentioned in the public hearing through our general fund to the homeless coalition $55,000. We also have a dedicated Tampa Police Department officer who serves and represents the city with the homeless and the cost associated with providing that officer is roughly $150,000 for the '14 budget year. Also we have home funding of $500,000..."

"Miss Little. I just want to clarify that the TPD homeless representative, I don't anybody in the public thinking that Officer McDonald makes $150,000 a year."

"Correct, thank you for that clarification, that's fully loaded including equipment related to the services that he provides as well, so it's not a salary by any means. Thank you for that clarification. Then finally we also have HOPLA which we have budgeted $875,000 for the '14 fiscal year for a total of just over $2 million."

City Council member Mary Mulhern suggested that more of Tampa’s general fund money should be directed toward homelessness. There will be a public hearing on the proposed budget next Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.

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