Tampa City Council hears update on revenue from red-light cameras

09/26/13 Seán Kinane
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This morning Tampa City Council heard from the city’s administration how much revenue is being made from red light cameras.

The city’s budget chief Sonya Little told council that all funds go into the general revenue.

"The total number of citations issued was 62,697 and revenues recieved were $3,280,000 with expenditures of $1,280,000 for a net revenue of $1,999,000, just under $2 million for fiscal year 2012. For fiscal year 2013, having issued 55,355 citations with a total number of cameras installed year to date of 42 cameras, revenues received $3,340,000 expenditures at $1.7 million and just over $1.5 million in net revenues. I believe that the motion also required that revenue and finance department provide you with how the red light camera revenues are actually expended. I just wanted to share with you this same pie chart that you've seen numberous times during the budget process. These revenues are a part of our general fund revenues and if you will all of our general fund revenues basically go into one pot to cover all of our general fund expenditures. You're well aware that the large majority of those general fund revenues that are collected are property tax revenues but we also have utility tax revenues and others that go into the big pot making up our $354 million budget."

Council will get another report in 2 weeks.

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