Tampa City Council won't get list of Republican Convention law enforcement agencies yet

04/25/12 Seán Kinane
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Tampa is proposing a revision to its so-called Clean Zone ordinance that, if approved, would regulate behavior near downtown during August’s Republican National Convention. One change is to change the name of the area now called the “Event Zone” and to make it smaller. A memorandum from the city attorney’s office to City Council on Monday outlines other changes including that “Public Gathering Permits” will last all day and a free application must be completed by June 11th. Permits will not be required for gatherings on city sidewalks. The duration for Official Parades along a to-be-determined official route has been increased to 90 minutes.

In other convention news, last week Tampa City Council approved the purchase of light-weight uniforms for some officers to wear in the August heat. Assistant Police Chief John Bennett said they plan to have shield patches that would attach by Velcro. That worried Tampa City Council member Lisa Montelione.

Montelione asked which other law enforcement agencies would be in Tampa during the Convention.

“May I ask for a list of the jurisdictions that have been invited to participate?”

Council voted unanimously to accept the list of law enforcement agencies from Tampa Police at tomorrow’s workshop. But In a letter Monday, Police Chief Jane Castor told City Council they would not yet be able to provide that list. She wrote that the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and the Tampa Police Department “have a working list of agency candidates, the legal process to finalize the (Memorandum of Understanding) is still ongoing” with some agencies. Chief Castor said they will honor City Council’s request once those memoranda are finalized.

This is the revised map of Tampa's proposed Clean Zone, now called Event Zone for Republican National Conve...

Temporary Ordinance - Redlined Version

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