Tampa Electric offers customers rebate for installing new solar arrays

10/04/11 Olivia Kabat
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This week Tampa Electric began offering registration to customers for their new solar array rebate program. Their second annual $1 million dollar solar rebate will be available for the remainder of this week.

This past spring Tampa Electric launched their new rebate program for solar arrays and the company is now offering $1 million dollars in solar rebates for customers. Sherie Jacobs, spokesperson for Tampa Electric says Tampa Electric wants to increase solar energy in the community.

“Tampa Electric has committed to a five year program where we will spend more than $1.5 million a year to help customers who are interested in installing solar photovoltaic and solar water heater systems. We recently completed our second rebate offer as part of this program.”

According to Jacobs, this renewable energy program will increase the use of solar power in area neighborhoods. She says that would be better for communities and the environment. The first time they offered similar solar array rebates, they were all gone within 72 hours.

“Well we believe that renewable energy plays a key role in Florida’s energy future and this is a good alternative for folks to explore and we encourage its development across the state. So this is a very popular program, it’s had an overwhelming response. It just shows that customers increasingly share our belief in the viability and value of solar power.”

So over the next 5 years, TECO will periodically offer rebates for solar photovoltaic systems and residential solar water heating systems.

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