Tampa joins 2,000 international events for 350.org's "Moving Planet"

09/26/11 Josh Holton
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The climate group 350 dot org’s main day of action this year asked people around the world to do what they could do take a day off from fossil fuel use. Last Saturday’s global event, called Moving Planet, last Saturday included more than 2000 events in more than 175 countries. Some groups in Tampa joined the global action.

Some Scientists say that 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity. So the 350 group is working to cut down on emissions of that greenhouse gas. Bryan Roberts is with The Roosevelt 2.0, a self-described collaboration space in Ybor City. They held a community action day that aimed to limit their energy use in building projects.

Last week a bill passed the US House of Representatives that could delay several EPA air pollution rules for years. Many Republicans have claimed that EPA regulations are bad for business. Roberts thinks the regulations are important for protecting the future of society as a whole.

Roberts also promoted a shift to more renewable energy resources, and more sustainable methods of bio-fuels than corn-based ethanol. USF student Jessica Brenner thinks bikes would be a good option, if only it were safe to ride one in Tampa.

She thinks that raising awareness among drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians is integral to insuring the safest traffic.

Brenner also suggested more “share the road signs” should be painted on the pavement, especially in situations when road widening projects and bike lanes are not feasible.

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