Tampa native opens school in Rwanda & New film explores JFK's trip to Tampa Bay 50 years ago

11/04/13 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Monday) | Listen to this entire show:
Tags: Akila Institute in Rwanda, Elizabeth Dearborn Hughes, Lynn Marvin Dingfelder, JFK in Tampa


Today on Radioactivity we hear from a Tampa native who has established a school for women in the country of Rwanda. Elizabeth Dearborn Hughes founded the Akila Institute in Rwanda, the first of its kind woman’s university in that African nation; its mission is to empower and educate women. Cecile and Julian two students at the school also join the show.

Later in the program Rob Lorei talks with a filmmaker Lynn Marvin Dingfelder, who has made a new film about President Kennedy’s trip to Tampa 50 years ago this month - just a few days before his assassination. The film, JFK in Tampa will premiere on Thursday in Tampa.

Listen to the full show above.

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