Terry Tempest Williams talks about her book When Women Were Birds

03/14/13 Mary Glenney
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Terry Tempest Williams the author of fourteen books, including Refuge, Leap, the Open Space of Democracy, Finding Beauty in a Broken World talks about her latest book WHEN WOMEN WERE BIRDS:FIFTY FOUR VARIATIONS OF VOICE. In the book, Williams explores her mother's identity and subsequently searches for her own. The San Francisco Chronicle states that "Williams displays a Whitmanesque embrace of the world and its contradictions...As the pages accumulate, her voice grows in majesty and power until it becomes a full-fledged aria". The book, originally printed by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux is now available in paperback published by Picador Press. For more information about Terry Tempest Williams go to her web sight: coyoteclan.com

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