The Fallout from Duke Energy's Decision to Close the Crystal River Nuclear Plant

02/07/13 Robert Lorei
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Welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei- in a moment we’re going to talk with a reporter from the Tampa Bay Times and a state legislator about the announced closing of the Crystal River nuclear power plant…..

But first three listener comments about yesterday’s program. The comments were about a liberal peace group opposed to drones, the lack of solar power here in the Sunshine State and the 10 year anniversary of Colin Powell’s speech to the UN on supposed Iraqi weapons of mass destruction- which was a topic yesterday on Democracy Now. Here’s what three listeners had to say:


Earlier this week, Duke Energy announced it will permanently shut down the Crystal River nuclear power plant about 60 miles north of Tampa. The plant has been generating electricity since 1977. But it’s had a series of mishaps—and in recent times has been closed for repairs since 2009. This will be the largest nuclear plant in the Southeast to ever be shut down. And the move has huge implications for electric rates for customers, the health of the Citrus County economy, and the future of nuclear power in Florida. We’ll talk with the Tampa Bay Times reporter who has most closely covered the issue in a moment. But first we’ll speak with freshman state representative Dwight Dudley- who has taken up the cause of electric customers as a member of the Pinellas county legislative delegation. He spoke with WMNF about the announcement this week that Duke Energy is shutting down the Crystal River nuclear plant.


Dwight Dudley

Ivan Penn is a staff writer at the Tampa Bay Times and he has been covering the problems at the Crystal River nuclear plant for several years. He joins us live in the studio.

FMI The Times' reporting on Crystal River

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