Last night in downtown Clearwater more than 150 citizens came to the Harborview Center for what was billed as “The Great Fluoride Debate�. Two international experts on the dangers of Fluoride were flown into town to present their side, but Pinellas county officials refused to attend-leaving the public skeptical about claims the Fluoridating drinking water is good for peoples health. WMNF’s Andrew Stelzer was there and filed this report.

ACT-Conan “The public officials relied on the information..

Dr Paul Connett is a professor at St Lawrence University in New York; he travels the world speaking out about the dangers of Fluoride.

ACT “..the duty of those officials is now that the info is being supplied to them, they owe it to the public to hear this science.�

When Pinellas county commissioners voted to start putting fluoride in the water last year, it was done with almost no public debate, and the commissioners had not been presented with studies critical of Fluoridation. Only one commissioner, Barbara Sheen Todd, voted against Fluoridation; when she asked public health officials if the Fluoride compound had been tested, he admitted it had not. While most governmental organization have endorsed Fluoride as beneficial for the teeth of developing children. But since the US began fluoridating water in 1945, there have been hundreds of studies that show it can cause Brian Damage, low I.Q’s, cancer, and in fact makes some children’s teeth worse. Dr William hirzy is a senior scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency; in 199 he published a document titled “why EPA’s union of Professionals Opposes Fluoridation.�

ACT-hirzy “fluoride in the bones of humans were higher than those in the bones of rats that got get more…this should make the hair on the back of your head stand up.�

1 major point raised in the 3 hour presentation was breast milk contains Fluoride, but 1 to 200 times less than the amount added to drinking water—the question was raised—if young children need fluoride, why wouldn’t it be part of breast milk? For those that doubted the validity of studies critical of Fluoride, the argument was raised that’s it’s a matter of choice—when a government to put fluoride in water, they are essentially medicating an entire population without their consent, which is against the law ACT-Hirzy ‘This is from the AMA canon of ethics..Patients have the right top make choices related to medical treatment….if any doctors were on board trying to force fluoride down your throats.’

The Fluoride in our drinking water is actually a waste by product, scraped from factory smokestacks. It would cost the Phosphate Fertilizer industry 275 dollars a ton dispose of Fluoride as a waste product; however, by selling it to water providers around the country, they instead receive 181 dollars a ton. Fluoride skeptics point to this profit margin as the reason Fluoride came into use almost 60 years ago. About 60 percent of US drinking water is fluoridated, and a few other countries, including Australia and Ireland, fluoridate some of their drinking water. But other countries, such as Sweden, have gotten rid of fluoride due to public pressure. Peter Glickman, who organized the debate, said that Pinellas county officials refusal to attend the debate calls their decision into question.

ACT- Peter Glickman. “out of 16 invitations, to the….personal phone calls…not one proponent of fluoride has been willing to come on stage and give us the facts of Fluoride.�

All of the presenters put out a call to action, asking concerned citizens to get involved and force the county commission to reconsider, and take Fluoride out of the water, which officially began on May 25th. After the presentations, WMNF asked some members of the public what they thought about fluoridation.


For more information on the citizen’s movement against fluoride in Pinellas County, Go to

For WMNF news, I’m Andrew Stelzer

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