The Spy Catcher

05/08/13 Warren Elly with Joe Navarro
Last Call Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

Joe Navarro retired from the FBI in 2003…since then he’s built a world-wide reputation as an expert on terror, as a teacher and as a prolific author. As Fidel Castro was tightening his grip on Cuba, shortly after the failed Bay of Pigs, Joe’s family brought their 8 year old son to America. At age 23, working as a policeman, the FBI recruited Joe and he may be the youngest agents ever hired… For 25 years he chased terrorists, and spies and liars. Joe was a pioneer in the FBI’s use of Behavioral Analysis. In Civilian life he has trained poker players and advised governments and corporations world wide on everything from preventing terror attacks to ferreting out thieves and embezzlers.

He has been interviewed as an expert on every news channel and network you can imagine…

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