The Supreme Court's Decision on Arizona's Controversial Immigration Law: and Andy Ford, President of the Florida Education Association Speaks About Public Sector Workers, Vouchers, Charter Schools and Standardized Tests

06/27/12 Robert Lorei
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Yesterday the Supreme Court issued its long awaited decision on Arizona’s immigration law—SB 1070. The court set aside three provisions of the law that would have pre-empted federal law. One made it a state crime for illegal immigrants to seek work or hold a job….another would have required all immigrants to always carry papers or documents proving they are here legally…. And a third provision struck down authorized police to arrest without warrant anyone they believe committed a deportable crime…..those provisions were struck down 5- 3.

But the court upheld the controversial “papers please” provision of the Arizona law… which says that law enforcement can verify the immigration status of anyone lawfully stopped or arrested—who is suspected of being here illegally…..

To discuss the decision--- joining us live now is Maria Rodriguez who is executive director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition…..


Later we'll talk with Andy Ford who is president of the Florida Education Association


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