Think Occupy protesters are unemployed slackers? Maybe these folks from Occupy Sarasota will change your mind

11/01/11 Doug Driscoll
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The Occupy movement is often stereotyped as being made up of lazy students or unemployed slackers. To see if that myth fits reality, last Saturday WMNF’s Doug Driscoll asked people participating in an Occupy Sarasota protest what they do for a living.

Out of 19 responses, there was 1 student, 2 teachers, 3 professionals and 7 people with “blue collar” jobs, including 2 artists. Two of the people are unemployed, 4 are retired and one is semi-retired.

Here's a link to all of our Occupy Wall Street coverage.

In other Occupy news ...

This Saturday Occupy Women of Tampa will hold its first meeting of the Women’s Caucus. That’s according to a post on the Occupy Tampa Facebook page. They’re meeting at 4 p.m. at Curtis Hixon Park.

Also on Saturday, the 5th of November, the Occupy movement will be part of a coordinated Bank Transfer Day, where people close their accounts in big banks and move them to local banks and credit unions.

In other Occupy news, the roommate of Scott Olsen says he’s doing well and doctors say he’ll make a full recovery. Keith Shannon served with the Iraq War veteran who was seriously injured by police last week at Occupy Oakland. Shannon says Olsen still can't talk and suffered a fractured skull and other head injuries. A general strike and a student walk-out is scheduled for tomorrow.

In New York City, an Occupy Wall Street demonstrator videotaped in a police altercation met with prosecutors Monday to discuss the incident. Felix Rivera-Pitre wants prosecutors to bring assault charges against Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona.

Meanwhile in Tennessee, Governor Bill Haslam continues to defend the arrests of dozens of Occupy Nashville protesters, even though the state has backed down on enforcing a curfew in the face of a federal judge's restraining order.

And in London, local officials say they are suspending legal action to evict anti-capitalist protesters camped outside St. Paul's Cathedral, after church officials gave the occupation a reprieve.

The City of London Corporation says legal action due to start today is being "paused overnight" so that officials can meet for more talks.

information from wire services, including AP, was used in this report.

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Only 19 showed up?????

The other 250 slackers couldn't get out of bed in time to make it to the start of the protest.

Misfits, Tramps, and Thieves

Yes, the "movement" is made up of lazy students or unemployed slackers. But that misses the real point. These people are not smart. They are gullible, easily led, misinformed, and generally not well off financially due to their lack of resolve, skills, foresight, and planning. Just because a number of protesters claim to hold jobs, it makes them no less ignorant.

The Conservative Posters Are Trying To Dominate Th

To be a poster on the WMNF web site you can be anonymous. That's why one person (who shall remain nameless) is posting all these hateful comments under WMNF News stories. Remember conservatives are paid to post hateful comments on web sites. This guy- who rarely uses his real name- must be making a killing. In his pajamas all day letting his wife bring home the bacon. Now that's a role model for all!


Based on my personal experience with the Occupy Tallahassee group I would say that the cross section of the group interviewed relects the make-up of our group. No slakers or weierdos as far as I can determine. I'm a nearly aged-out retiree and many of my similarly described friends are there. Many college students are there but not the silly kind but rather the serious, bright kind. Regardless of who is bringing the message only the most stupid can ignore or deny the message. May you live in interesting times, it is said. We are.

Put down the Captain Jack !!!!

"Remember conservatives are paid to post hateful comments on web sites." Really Captain Jack ???? Insanely ludicrous dude. I never got a check. Perhaps some conservatives such as myself want to open their minds to different ideas and view points.

I was shocked!....

to read Capt. Jack's response. All this time I had been taught that liberals value diversity. Where can moderates go to get paid to post? I'd like my $25 now.

My My How Touchy This One Writer Is (Under His Ass

Hey Single Paid Conservative, No matter how many names you use, you are still one guy. They have medicine to treat that problem. Reading sincere comments from all sides is enriching. But one guy has too much time on his hands, is posting every hour and is living off corporate largesse. Get a real job and I'll trust you.

Capt Jack is an Anonymous Whiner

If these people are so noble, why are there so few of them? Why is no one supporting or defending them? because the truth is most are just hanging out and live within walking distance. And most are habitual protesters who turn up at all left-wing events. the chronic complainer sort. good riddance to them i say

Unbiased Opinions About Occupy

This is so funny.

occupy a job yo

right on. the average joe sees right through these clowns'


Just wanted to comment on the individual that has obviously made it his job to misinform up and down the thread. He/she flunked propaganda 101, I see.As well as Intro to the Art of Persuasion. But I see he/she has the honor of being a self defined,conservative exhibitionist. Here's a heads up, we're not Tea Bags, who can be steeped in micro managed BS. You see, we ARE informed individuals, and can spot a troll when we see one. BTW, you're insulting my intellect by assuming anything you type here will be perceived as fact. Isn't it about time you stopped stumping for your master? Because even the top inner circle of conservatives, wouldn't hesitate to knock you you the curb either. You are expendable to them. But do have a nice day and Koch Inc, does not control Karma.

Hey Jude

Medication is available for paranoid ideations, seek professional help. Gotta go !!!! time to misinform for the master, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hilarious post thanks for the laugh.