Thousands protest in Spain

06/20/11 Sean Kinane & Kate Bradshaw
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Yesterday in Spain, mass demonstrations took place across the country. Spain’s youth unemployment rate hovers at about 43 percent, and 21 percent for the general population. WMNF’s Sean Kinane caught a rally in the city of Cabra, where he spoke with demonstrator Sierra Ramos about what’s causing tens of thousands to take to the streets.

"This movement began the 15th of May in Madrid. It's a strike* against all the kind of abuse that the politics nowadays are trying to do against people."

Today in Cabra what are you demanding?

"We're fighting for some rights that we have. First of all the politics have some privilege that we consider is not good for people. Some of the rights of employment. The right to live in a house. Public services like sanity, unemployment payments, those kinds of things. To conrol the banks and the entities of those kinds of entities that decided to control to the rights that we have of all kinds of people that are trying to ... I don't know how to explain it but there is many people that are trying to deny us our rights as citizens of the world. The reduction of the military stuff that we are paying with our taxes that's the reason why we are here."

What do you think about the turnout? The number of people that came?

"That's great because first there were 7 or 6 people and after just 3 or 4 times that we are here and there's a great amount of people now. I was trying to think some hours before how many people was going to be here and I'm really impressed."

Tell us about where this is going on in Spain? Are there other cities?

"Today there is big strikes in many, many places here in Spain and all over the world. In Europe, in Greece, in London, in Dublin and other kinds of big cities around the European Union and the world, also. I think it's great movement because I think we can do something. And I think we can do a lot of things in 1 year and we're trying to move all of the things and just convince people, not convince but let people know what we want and that it's good for everybody."

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*Later Ramos clarified that rather than a strike, she should have called the demonstrations a concentration.

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