Time Banking

02/03/14 Jon Butts
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This week on Sustainable Living we talked about time banking. Marie Nelson, former professor at National Louis University in Illinois and a Tampa Bay Time Bank Coordinator, was one of our guests and Christina Bellamy, another Time Bank volunteer, joined the show. We were honored to have on the show Edgar Cahn, a Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Law that received his PHD at Yale Law School and has been an advocate for the poor and others with needs all his life. Edgar’s the father of Time Banking and wrote the classic book “No More Throwaway People - the Coproduction Imperative”. Among many other outstanding achievements he was the speech writer for Robert Kennedy. The show focused on making clear how Time Banking works for all of us and how it can be used by organizations from churches to art groups, schools, small businesses, agencies for the aging, or any group that’s stretched for resources or that uses volunteers. Edgar will be coming to the Bay Area later this month and will be the featured guest at several events. To find out more about Time banking and where Professor Cahn will be speaking go to tampabaytime.org or www.thebridgetampa.org

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