Two St Pete Police Officers shot and killed this morning

01/24/11 Seán Kinane
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Two St. Petersburg Police Officers were shot and killed this morning. They are Thomas Baitinger and Jeffrey Yaslowitz. A third law enforcement officer, a U.S. Marshal, is injured. More information is becoming available at this hour.

This is St. Pete Police Chief Chuck Harmon in a press conference late this morning.

The suspect, Hydra Lacy, Jr., is a registered sex offender and the brother of professional boxer Jeff Lacy. He was found dead inside the home this afternoon.

Florida Blood Services announced that this morning’s shootings caused Bayfront Medical Center to order 18 more units of type O negative blood. They are asking people to donate O negative because their reserves were already low. Both of the police officers who were killed were married. Harmon says he has spoken with some of the family members.

Tom Figmik, the chief deputy Marshal, said the injured deputy Marshal was shot twice but is doing OK.

St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster called this a dark day for his city.

In a statement, Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio called it “a terrible day for us all.”

Hydra Lacy, Jr.

U.S. Marshal’s Service Middle District of Florida

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WMNF is dropping the ball

What? No criticism of the police yet? It's time for the stalwart members of the WMNF community to come forward and roundly criticize the police for yet another brutal killing. Where are you mnf'ers? I know you're out there.

American Empire Logic

'We're building a civilized space here.There's nothing more to say,everything has to be destroyed' 'The Coming Insurrection'..Invisible Committee the tactics of Iraq/Afghan war come home..the empire destroys civilian homes at home now.everyone is a suspect in post 911 amerika.. from a Tiqqun supporter...

Way of the Dodo...

Tiqqun??? I thought that rag died along with Air America...

reality sucks

a.) to be a policeperson means your life may be at risk in the course of your job. b.) MANY policepersons have demonstrated unnecessary harm to their communities. c.)there are idiots like "Sad" that see a need for an attack mentality.