Two top Florida Republicans drop out of this week's Tea Partty Convention in Daytona

11/01/11 Robert Lorei
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Our next guest is Ashley Lopez who wrote the following for the web site

Representatives from the offices of Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Gov. Rick Scott report that neither will be attending the Florida Tea Party Convention scheduled for this weekend, despite their inclusion on the event’s agenda.

Both are included as speakers on the current convention agenda, along with a slew of right-wing activists and speakers.

Alex Burgos, Rubio’s communications director, tells The Florida Independent that the senator will not be attending the convention in Daytona Beach.

Scott’s scheduling office also says that “at this time” the event is not on the governor’s “official schedule.”

“Things could change,” a representative says.

The event will feature speakers such as former Christian Coalition director Ralph Reed, anti-Islam blogger Pam Geller and G. Edward Griffin. Griffin is an anti-Federal Reserve, anti-United Nations and anti-communist conspiracy theorist who describes himself as a “life member” of the John Birch Society — a historically infamous anti-communist group.

The writer of the story, Ashley Lopez, joins us now to talk about the upcoming Tea Party Convention.

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