Urban Land Institute presents recommendations to Hillsborough County in effort to improve economic growth

06/20/12 Olivia Kabat
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The Hillsborough County Economic Prosperity Stakeholder Committee wants to develop economic growth in the region. They’re getting advice from the Urban Land Institute, which recently presented recommendations on how the county could improve economic development opportunities.

The Urban Land Institute is a global organization focused on improving the economy for communities’ worldwide. Brian Grady, Executive Planner with Development Services of Hillsborough County says bringing the Urban Land Institute panel to Hillsborough was the first phase of the Economic Propensity Plan.

“The Urban Land Institute organized this group of experts to come to the county and review those issues. They interviewed I think over 100 people, representative of the community on issues and concerns. They took a tour of the county and then based on that they analyzed all the information and presented a report to us on recommended things we can do within the county to improve the position of the county with respect to improving the economic prosperity of the county.”

Representatives of the Institute offer opinions on urbanization, conservation, sustainable development, and new land use policies. Grady says the panel’s findings covered issues about improving Hillsborough’s economic competitiveness and ways to attract business and development opportunities and how to maintain the high quality of life for residents.

“The Urban land Institute had a wide range of specialists. They had people who specialize in real estate, financing, planning, and home building. What the Stakeholder committee is going to do is reviewing those recommendations and evaluate those recommendations and then as part of their report, report back to the board on their thoughts and findings with respect to the ULI findings and also other issues there going to be looking at as part of their deliberations.”

Economic Prosperity Stakeholder Committee

Urban Land Institute

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