Urban permaculture

03/19/12 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:


We started today’s program with some tips on saving gas with a spokesperson from the Alliance to Save Energy, Ronnie Kweller. There are a lot of simple maintenance points she made, from checking tire pressure to unloading the trunk, that we can do to save gas. Check out the complete list at their web site. Next up we were joined by two local permaculture activists; Jim Kovaleski, an urban farmer, and Bob Abbenzeller, an organizer for the Plant City Community Garden project. Both are permaculture designers and will be at this weekends Sustainable Living Conference at All World Acres, north of Plant City

thebarefootgardener.org/sl2012.htm. Jim offers tours of his homestead in New Port Richey: james.kolvaleski@gmail.com and Bob’s looking for others interested in the Plant City Community Garden project rhaabb@gmail.com

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