US Representative Kathy Castor says GOP budget would hurt everyone

04/22/11 Kate Bradshaw
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Last Week, the US House of Representatives passed a budget containing stark cuts, practically across the board. Opponents of the bill say there are better ways to tackle the federal debt and deficit.

US Representative Kathy Castor, a Democrat from Tampa, said she’s not happy with the budget passed by the GOP-led House. Speaking during a recent visit to St. Pete Beach, she said it would severely impact Floridians, since the bill would effectively privatize Medicare. She said medical coverage for senior citizens isn’t the only vital program under the knife.

"Every decision that comes before the House of Representatives will be guided by the Republican budget. So there efforts will continue now in more of a piecemeal, ad hoc fashion to privatize Medicare, cut back on investments in higher education like the University of South Florida, St. Pete College, HCC, cut back on investments in infrastructure, cut back on research and development."

Castor said there are many other ways to fight the federal deficit. One, she said, is to go after a tax code that leaves those with the most money off the hook.

"Millionaires that will get huge tax breaks, companies that shift jobs overseas, and a Swiss cheese tax code that gives a lot of special tax expenditures to folks that have the resources to hire high payed lobbyists in Washington."

Castor said everyone agrees that the federal government needs to close its budget deficit and take care of its debt, but Republicans are trying to do so on the backs of Americans who depend on programs like Medicare. Republicans, meanwhile, accuse Democratic lawmakers of wanting to keep taxes high to fund social programs they call frivolous or not ideologically in line with the American mainstream. Castor said she hopes those who stayed home last November second learned a lesson.

"Elections really do matter. I think that's been proven out now more than ever."

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Hay… I’ve got an idea to help cut the budget and help get more of US into the higher seats of education. Cut all federal and state financial aid to students who are not US citizens. There are more than 690,000 foreign students in our colleges and universities… which is outstanding… provided that they can afford it. If they can’t afford to go to a US school… there are many great schools around the world that they can afford to go to. Not only would this save US tax dollars… but it would also open thousands of seats for the deserving yoots of America.