USF President Judy Genshaft tells FL Legislature she's OK with higher STEM tuition

01/18/12 Seán Kinane
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The Florida House Committee on Education is considering how to increase the number of state university students who pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering and math. University of South Florida President Judy Genshaft told the committee this morning USF is one of the state’s leaders in STEM disciplines.

Some Legislators hope to boost the number of students in STEM programs. They say the science fields better prepare students for employment after graduation than, for example, the social sciences. Genshaft told the Education Committee that in 2008-2009 only one state university graduated more students with STEM degrees than USF. That’s partly because of the university’s emphasis on health and science programs.

Genshaft said USF is second among all universities in Florida in research grants at 400 million dollars per year. She said one way to get more students into STEM programs is to get them interested in the sciences early.

President Genshaft sat alongside University of Central Florida President John Hitt who also answered questions from the Education Committee this morning. The committee has also hosted other presidents of the state universities last week and this afternoon. Some have supported a higher “market rate” tuition for STEM programs.

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Oh Really?

Following this line of "reasoning" the colleges should quadruple charge for courses that prepare their students for careers on Wall Street, in politics, heading military hardware corporations or managing any one of the vampire squid banking enterprises that are designed to bleed the world dry. Universities have become just another tentacle of the 'European' banking cockroaches whose contribution to civilization is endless debt slavery.