Waste-to-energy, fermenting and time banking

11/26/12 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:

We started today’s program with the founder of the Fermenters Club started in California, Austin Durant. He just led a workshop in Tampa for the new fermenters club started in our area. Austin talked a little about the basics of fermentation and the reasons to ferment. There appears to be a lot of interest here for this healthy, traditional way to store food. Next up Bryan Roberts with EcoTech Construction and the Roosevelt 2.0 Community Center joined the show to talk a little about an event at the Roosevelt on Tuesday, November 27, starting at 6:30 p.m. about our Tampa Bay Time Bank. Great way to get and give with no cash involved. Bryan is also involved in a waste-to-energy project, and Pat Mahoney joined the show to talk about the problem with burning agricultural plastic in our area. It may be the most sustainable way to produce electrical energy that is available to us right now and would help clean up the dirty process of waste disposal. It doesn’t involve coal, oil, or nuclear products so it’s nothing our existing privately owned power companies are interested in. Pat’s also involved in the Move to Amend Action that’s trying to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. There will be a meeting this Friday November 30 at the Babson Park Woman’s Club (between Lake Wales & Frost Proof) stating at 7 p.m. Call Linda Taylor 727-430-8284 or Hunter Lilly 863-232-7380 for car pooling & more information.

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