What Is Florida Doing to Attract New Jobs? Who Benefits the Most- the Companies Or the Taxpayers?

12/02/13 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, I'm Rob Lorei and this is Radioactivity.

Florida’s unemployment rate is heading down—mirroring what’s happening nationally. But Governor Rick Scott has been traveling the state announcing new jobs coming to Florida- and saying that his policies are the reasons unemployment is dropping. Among the companies which have recently announced job expansions in Florida: -Hertz in Estero -Covidien in Hillsborough -USAA expansion in Hillsborough -Bass Pro Shops in St. Lucie -Coca Cola in Auburndale -Golf Channel expansion in Orlando -WWE's Global Performance Center in Orlando -Charles Composites in Okeechobee -Advanced Disposal Systems in St. John's County -Kingspan Insulated Panels in Deland

In June Governor Scott appeared was questioned by FOX News’s Stuart Varney about why jobs were coming here…..


We’re joined now by someone who is monitoring new job creation around the country…

He’s Greg LeRoy, executive director of Good Jobs First

FMI Deutsche Bank incentives from taxpayers to create jobs in Florida

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An anthropologist & writer responds to controversy over anthropology: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/janice-harper/rick-scott-anthropology_b_1010881.html


Please delete the post with my last name,

too late to remove the post with your last name, Mr. Saint-Ivan. Hah! These corporate raiders are totally taking advantage of tax payers and local governments. Rick Scott is a welfare king.