What the proposed property tax amendments could mean for Florida

09/21/12 Lisa Marzilli
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Last week we talked about the concerns being voiced by Elections Supervisors around the state because of the length of the November ballot and the problems that could cause at the polls. On today's Last Call we took a closer look at some of the proposed constitutional amendments that are partially responsible for that lengthy ballot. Close to half of the 11 amendments deal with property tax breaks.

If you tuned in last week, you heard Pasco Co. Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley recommend the Collins Center for Public Policy as a good place to get non-partisan information on the ballot initiatives. Our guest today was Tom Arthur. Now an editor with the Tampa Tribune, Arthur was formerly with the Collins Center. He researched and wrote the amendment content that appears on their website. We heard analysis of Amendments 2, 9, 10, 11 and 4, which Arthur says is “by far the most consequential of the property tax related initiatives.”

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Voter Education

Florida voters and the general public can find in-depth objective analysis of the proposed constitutional amendments at www.ConRevFlorida.org. In addition, the site features loads of content on important Florida government and election issues such as redistricting, voter reform, and term limits. There are thousands of related news articles and links to state and national political and election web sites you can search. You can even register to vote online.