What's coming up at this year's Sarasota Film Fest? and Corporations Want to Deny Birth Control to Employees

03/27/14 Mary Glenney
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Through Women’s Eyes/Sarasota Film Festival

It looks like a great SARASOTA FILM FESTIVAL coming up April 4-13. A very important part of this film festival is the 15th annual “THROUGH WOMEN’S EYES,” films by, for and about women Saturday and Sunday, April 5-6. All of these films, and most of the festival films are shown at the Regal Cinema Hollywood 20 in Sarasota.

Guests on From a Woman's POV:

SUSANN OSTAGAARD, director of “Light Fly, Fly High” discusses why she wanted to make a film about a young female Indian boxer. Thulasi, a young Indian woman in her twenties, is literally willing to box her way out of poverty and into a better life. A Dalit or "untouchable" born outside of caste, she rejected her place on society’s lowest rung at an early age and was forced to leave her parents’ home when only 14 -- no money, no possibilities, denied even having dreams. Thulasi does not accept this. Tune in to find out her story! The film won the Oxfam Global Justice Award at the International Documentary Film Festival, November 2013 in Amsterdam.



The wonderful thing about film festivals is the variety. In my opinion, TWE has some of the best films they have ever had this year. Who would think that a 13 minute animated student thesis film, “Miss Todd,” about a totally unknown female aviator who built her own plane in spite of all the NOs from everyone – No, Don’t, Won’t, Can’t – built her own plane anyway -- and it flew! We have all heard of Wilbur and Orville Wright and Kittyhawk, but have you ever heard of Miss Lillian Todd and the Mineola Flying Fields in New York City? Tune in to hear film director, KRISTINA YEE discuss Miss Todd, our heroine, who works to understand the principles of flight, as people all over the world were doing, but she has more than gravity holding her down. In this animated, stop-motion musical, Miss Todd's plight and adventure soar out of her FORGOTTEN PRESENCE IN AVIATION HISTORY.

JESSICA MASON PIEKLO, Senior Legal Analyst, RH Reality Check, writer and adjunct law professor in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota, will take us through Tuesday’s arguments regarding the availability of contraception and corporate religious beliefs? Watch this case. If you think Citizens United opened the floodgates giving corporations personhood, if this Supreme Court rules in favor of Hobby, then the corporate person has religious beliefs and far more than just women’s reproductive choices will be at stake.




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Thanks again for having us on the show, Mary! I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that the incredible music of "Miss Todd" was composed by the extremely talented Matt Kelly. You can have a look at our full cast and crew on our website: www.MissToddFilm.com

As a Canadian-American (dual citizen) my dream would be for a: •universal access, •single payer, and •non-employment based health care system with insurance companies as per transaction "utilities" paid only to administer the system (no medical decisions, no advertising). Having said that, I accept the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a first step towards rational health care for all. The ACA at least eliminates pre-existing condition denials, supports children up to age 26 under their parents' plan, and provides access to virtually every American. The issues of course include: •high insurance company administration costs (about 28% compared to 2% with medicare); •the premiums are not deductible (employment-based premiums are); and •the out-of-pocket deductibles are disproportionally high (even in the gold plans). Single-payer systems promote freedom, Entrepreneurialism, privacy, and choice of access, all for half the price and longer healthier living. Ah, it'll never work!!! P.S. Canadians are quite frugal (fiscally conservative - paying half the price of US costs). They'll wear six sweaters before turning up the heating - and that's in June!!! So they are willing to wait just a bit longer for elective treatments. Maybe one day, our moment will come!!!