Who Stole the American Dream? Interview with Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter Hedrick Smith

12/11/12 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. Today we’ll talk about the decline of the middle class in the US—with former New York Times reporter Hedrick Smith.

But first- three listener comments about yesterday’s call-in shows. One comment is about yesterday morning’s interview with former health insurance executive Wendell Potter, another is about the fiscal cliff and another is about the last caller to yesterday’s Last Call program. Here’s what three listeners had to say:


A strong middle class is a basis for a stable democracy—Aristotle said that the best political community is formed when the middle class is larger than any other class. Our next guest writes that in the past three decades—America’s middle class has shrunk- due to deliberate policies—pushed by a revitalized business lobby in Washington. Our guest is Hedrick Smith – who shared a Pulitzer prize for reporting on the Pentagon Papers. He was for many years the New York Times Washington DC bureau chief. He’s written a new book called Who Stole the American Dream and he came by WMNF for an interview yesterday.


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