Will PollutersTry to Undermine New EPA Water Rules for Florida?

01/16/13 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. Protectors of the environment won a battle late last year when the federal government announced new, tougher standards for water quality in Florida. But those new standards are being challenged by the groups that want to continue to allow pollution to degrade our springs and other waterways. We'll talk about this in a moment but first three listener comments about yesterday's show. yesterday we talked about a variety of issues- but all three comments were about guns.


Anyone who enjoys swimming, kayaking or boating in Florida's waterways knows they are not as clean as they once were. Once crystal-clear springs, rivers, lakes and streams-- even the Gulf show signs of pollution- murky, water, algae blooms, red tide. Last November, the Environmental Protection Agency adopted stronger standards to combat sewage, manure, and fertilizer pollution in our waterways. But those new standards are being challenged by special interests who say the standards are too strict.

The EPA has announced they are handing over protection of 15% of Florida's waterways to the state's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The DEP's rules are far less strict, and according to the Tampa Bay Times the DEP has been firing experienced regulators and replacing them with people from polluting industries.

The EPA is holding hearings on the new water quality standards tomorrow in Tampa.

Joining us now--

Cris Costello, she's a Regional Organizing Representative of the Sierra Club (chris.costello@sierraclub.org)

And David Guest who is an attorney with the Earth Justice ... both groups sued the EPA and won get the the higher water quality standards......

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