With 1,000 US Military Bases In Foreign Countries President Obama Adds Another

11/18/11 Robert Lorei
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Yesterday President Obama announced that the U.S. was establishing a new military base in Australia staffed by 2500 service members. Here to talk about the new base is CATHERINE LUTZ, editor of the book "The Bases of Empire: The Struggle Against U.S. Military Posts," Lutz says: "The United States has a vast and expensive network of roughly 1000 military bases around the world. To add another in Australia flies in the face both of organized calls from many quarters to reduce that number as well as the certainty that this will stimulate further military competition and spending by China in response. U.S. military base expansion in Guam has faced much local resistance including lawsuits and protests largely because of land taking, disruption of sacred sites and concerns about environmental damage. In Okinawa, Japan, one of the main issues has been abuse of local women by U.S. Marines posted there." Lutz is a department chair at Brown University and co-director of the “Costs of War” study done there. FMI http://www.costsofwar.org

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