With or without Palestinian statehood, "Is Peace Possible?"

09/20/11 Josh Holton
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Last Sunday the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and donor nations gave their support to a Palestinian bid for statehood. But the United States plans to use its standing on the UN Security Council to veto their resolution.

In the past, President Barack Obama has voiced his support for a two-state solution to the ongoing Israeli Palestinian conflict. But one week ago, US State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland, confirmed that the US plans to veto any Palestinian bid for statehood in The UN. Today Secretary of State Hilary Clinton also rejects the Palestinian bid.

WMNF News Volunteer Doris Norrito works as an English translator for the International Middle East Media Center, a group that provides independent media coverage of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. She led a discussion at a Unitarian church in Clearwater. She was skeptical of Palestine’s possibility of gaining statehood any time soon.

Also leading the discussion was Maher al Barghuthi, who was born in Kuwait, but has family in Palestine. His father is from Palestine, but is not allowed to return since border changes in 1967. He said that Israeli treatment of Palestinians has been severe, and that statehood might bring possibilities for justice.

Al Barguthi said that Israel often builds settlements without paying Palestinians who occupy the land, and that $3 billion in US aid to Israel far outweighs their $800 million in support to the Palestinian Authority. With the greater number of resources, Al Barguthi says that Israel has jailed more than 10,000 Palestinians for peacefully halting demolitions. He says his Aunt was also mistreated.

He said that even with Palestinian police officers, there is no law, order, or justice when dealing with Israeli forces.

BetteJo Indelicato works with the International Women’s Peace Service. She often participates in demonstrations with Palestinians, and has traveled to Iraq. Over the years she has learned that Palestinian refugees are in dire need of a homeland, and that their displacement is creating additional disorder in the Middle East. But she said that even some Israeli’s are deprived of democracy in Israel.

Indelicato supports Palestinian Statehood.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas plans to submit his formal request for Palestinian statehood and UN membership on Friday.

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Kuwait expels 400,000 Palestinians

This gentleman's historical amnesia of Kuwait expelling 400,000 Palestinians in the early 90's I am sure was discussed. I also hope that protests by Arabs against Hamas demolitioning homes for an Islamic center in Gaza will be on the agenda of the International Middle East Media Center.