WMNF reports from St Pete Right to Recall rally

04/15/11 Seán Kinane and Kate Bradshaw
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Floridians have no way to recall from office a politician elected statewide. But there’s a movement growing to change that. This afternoon at Williams Park in downtown St. Petersburg, there’s a rally going on to support bills in the Florida Legislature to give Floridians the Right to Recall. WMNF’s Kate Bradshaw will bring you a full report on Monday. She’s there live on the scene. Kate, tell us what you’re hearing from the people there.

"Actually, to be quite honest, it hasn't really gotten fired up yet. We've got the entertainment and food but there isn't, everybody is just starting to trickle in right now."

And you're at Williams Park and that's for the right to recall?

"Exactly, this is Williams Park, downtown St. Petersburg, right to recall. Essentially Democrats in the state legislature as well as Democrats around Florida are promoting this legislation that would basically allow for the recall of elected officials at the state level. This is to highlight that cause and to bring attention to it."

All right. Thanks so much for that report.

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