WorkNet Pinellas holds 5th Annual Business & Education Summit

09/16/11 Josh Holton
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One reason it may be hard for people to find work is because many job skills are not taught in school curricula. Today was the 5th annu8al business and education summit, which sought to give local school curricula guidance from the Pinellas business community.

Many businesses believe that they can help provide students with skills that will get students in the jobs they want by summits like today. WorkNet Pinellas held the summit along with several other corporate sponsors. Tony Leisner is the Chairman of the board at WorkNet.

Work Net is a public private partnership directed by Pinellas County and Workforce Florida, the state’s main workforce policy organization. They were also looking for business funding to help certain educational programs. Cheryl Carrier is the Program Director of 21st Century Education Programs for Ford Motors, one of the event’s sponsors.

Ford has even developed business skill oriented curriculum that they call a partnership for advanced studies.

But Lisa Bell is with L3 communications, security, and detections systems. She said this is one of the biggest business and education summits that she has ever attended.

While she was mainly looking for recruitment opportunities with groups like the National Aviation Academy, she represents just one of the kinds of businesses that is playing a role on impacting school curriculum.

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