World's shark populations are disappearing; and why are gas prices so high?

02/20/12 Robert Lorei
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Our first guest is Juliet Eilperin, a science writer for the Washington Post. She recently published a book, “Demon Fish: Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks” that provides a global look at the often surprising and inexplicable ways people and cultures relate to, and engage with the ocean’s top predator, sharks. She says that more than 70 million sharks are killed every year-- their fins cut off to make shark fin soup. As many as 90% of the sharks in the world's oceans are now gone. Eilperin is speaking tonight at 7:30 at Mote Marine Lab in Sarasota.

Later we'll hear from Tyson Slocum who is the director of Public Citizen's Energy program. He'll discuss why gasoline prices are on the rise.

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Sharks... better than corn!!!

Don’t tell me… let me guess!!! Sharks are also being used to make the ethanol additive for gas…