Young Dems to seek third-party voter registration status

07/18/11 Kate Bradshaw
WMNF Drive-Time News Monday | Listen to this entire show:

Tuesday in Downtown Tampa, the Hillsborough Young Democrats plans to file to become a third party voter registration group. WMNF’s Kate Bradshaw spoke to Hillsborough Young Democrats spokesperson Michael Long about the group’s efforts, which they’re launching despite a new state law that makes it more likely to be fined by registering voters.

The press conference will take place at noon in front of the County Office Building at 601 East Kennedy Boulevard in Downtown Tampa.

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Yeah right... only a handful of concerns!!!

Mr. Long says that the Republicans can only find a handful of "Voter Fraud Issues"??? Try this on for size Mikey... This is NOT a quick read... have fun and get schooled!!!

OOPS... there's another one!!!

Oh look... another one!!!

Didn't Bush steal an election here in Florida???

I’m still lookin!!! There’s got to be at least one article on how President Bush “stole the election”… that would be voter fraud to… right???