Zaina Alsous on the Wall Street South protests in Charlotte

09/06/12 Zaina Alsous/Mary Glenney
From A Woman's Point of View | Listen to this entire show:

Women's Show host Mary Glenney spoke with University of North Carolina Chapel Hill senior Zaina Alsous, who helped coordinate the Wall Street South protests in Charlotte during this week's Democratic National Convention. Charlotte, home to the world headquarters of Bank of America and the eastern headquarters of Wells Fargo is known as the "Wall Street" of the South. Next to New York City Charlotte has the second highest concentration of finance capital in the US. Zaina talked about the economic policies of those institutions and how they affect not only North Carolina citizens , but people in the rest of the country and the world. Her parents are Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon and Zaina says their eventual migration to the United States has "very much framed my perspectives" . For more information go to

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