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Immigrant rights group to protest in Tampa against deportations listen

06/19/15 Seán Kinane
MidPoint with WMNF News Friday
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In Tampa Friday evening, immigrant-rights activists will protest deportations; the rally is called #FightForLegalization and will begin at 6:00 p.m. at La Mexicana store at 2002 East Fletcher Avenue.

WMNF interviewed Marisol Marquez, an organizer with the group Raices en Tampa.

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Deportation works to break family apart in Tampa listen

05/02/14 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Friday)
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Tags: Wendy Hernandez, Amado Hernandez, Deportation, immigration

Today Radioactivity covers a story of family struggling to stay together because of the repercussions of deportation. Wendy Hernandez shares the diffuclut dilemma her family is facing.

In July 2012, Wendy's Husband, Amado Hernandez was detained for driving without a license. Despite being a low priority case, and despite the extreme hardship his family would face without him, Amado was snatched away from his family and deported him in 2013. Doing what any good father would do, he returned...

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